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Geoffrey A Manne

Personal website

Main research topics :

  • Competition Law and Policy
  • Technology

Representative publications : please login to update it

  • A Conflict of Visions: How the "21st Century First Amendment" Violates the Constitution's First Amendment, First Amendment Law Review (2015) (with Ben Sperry, Tom Struble & Berin Szoka)
  • Uncertainty, Evolution and Behavioral Economic Theory, Journal of Law, Economics & Policy (2014) (with Todd J. Zywicki)
  • The Market Realities that Undermined the FTC's Antitrust Case Against Google, Harvard Journal of Law & Technology (2013) (with William Rinehart)
  • International Signals: The Political Dimension of International Competition Law, Antitrust Bulletin (2012) (with Seth Weinberger)
  • If Search Neutrality Is the Answer, What's the Question?, Columbia Business Law Review (2012) (with Joshua D. Wright)
  • Competition Policy and Patent Law Under Uncertainty: Regulating Innovation (Book), Cambridge University Press (2011) (with Joshua D. Wright)
  • Institutions and the Regulation of Innovation in Competition Policy and Patent Law Under Uncertainty: Regulating Innovation (2011) (with Joshua D. Wright)
  • Google and the Limits of Antitrust, Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy (2011) (with Joshua D. Wright)
  • Review of Michael Carrier's Innovation for the 21st Century, Alabama Law Review (2010)
  • Innovation and the Limits of Antitrust, Journal of Competition Law & Economics (2010) (with Joshua D. Wright)
  • The Hydraulic Theory of Disclosure Regulation and Other Costs of Disclosure, Alabama Law Review (2007)
  • Backdating Options and Why Executive Compensation Is Not All About Norms, Corporate Governance Law Review (2006) (with Joshua D. Wright)
  • Hot Docs vs. Cold Economics: The Use and Misuse of Business Documents in Antitrust Enforcement and Adjudication, Arizona Law Review (2005) (with E. Marcellus Williamson)
  • Agency Costs and the Oversight of Charitable Organizations, Wisconsin Law Review (1999)

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