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Michael E Sykuta

Personal website

Main research topics :

  • Regulation and Regulatory Institutions
  • Market Institutions and Organization

Representative publications : please login to update it

M. Sveum and M. Sykuta, “The Effect of Franchising on Establishment Performance in the U.S. Restaurant Industry,” Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, forthcoming

M. Santiago and M. Sykuta, “Regulation and Contract Choice in the Distribution of Wine,” Journal of Wine Economics, 11(2), November 2016, 216-232.

M. Sykuta, “Big Data in Agriculture: Property Rights, Privacy and Competition in Ag Data Services,” International Food and Agribusiness Management Review, 19A, June 2016.

M. Sykuta, “The Nature of the Financial Deal in the Post-Crisis Financial Market,” Entrepreneurial Business Law Journal 7(1), 2012

H.S. James, Jr., P.G. Klein, and M. Sykuta, "The Adoption, Diffusion, and Evolution of Organizational Forms: Insights from the Agrifood Sector," Managerial and Decision Economics, 32(4) June 2011

P.G. Klein and M. Sykuta, eds.,The Elgar Companion to Transaction Cost Economics, Aldershott, UK: Edward Elgar, 2010

A. Woolverton and M. Sykuta, "Do Income Support Programs Impact Producer Hedging Decisions? Evidence from a Cross-country Comparative" Review of Agricultural Economics, 31(4) Winter 2009

M. Sykuta, "New Institutional Econometrics: The Case of Contracting and Organizations Research" Chapter 6 in E. Brousseau and J.M. Glachant (eds.), New Institutional Economics: A Textbook, Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2008

H.S. James, Jr., and M. Sykuta, "Farmer Trust in Producer- and Investor-Owned Firms: Evidence from Missouri Corn and Soybean Producers", Agribusiness: An International Journal, 22(1) January 2006

H.S. James, Jr., and M. Sykuta, "Property Right and Organizational Characteristics of Producer-Owned Firms and Organizational Trust", Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, 76(4) December 2005

M. Sykuta, "Agricultural Organization in an Era of Traceability," Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 37(2) August 2005

G.M. Riekhof and M. Sykuta, "Politics, Economics, and the Regulation of Direct Interstate Shipping in the Wine Industry", American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 87(2) May 2005

E. Helland and M. Sykuta, "Regulation and the Evolution of Corporate Boards: Monitoring, Advising or Window Dressing?" Journal of Law and Economics, 47(1) April 2004

M. Sykuta and J. Parcell,, "Contract Structure and Design in Identity Preserved Soybean Production", Review of Agricultural Economics, 25(2) Fall/Winter2003

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