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Ennio Emanuele  Piano


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Main research topics :

  • Property Rights
  • Firm Boundaries and Internal Organization

Representative publications : please login to update it

Rouanet, Louis, and Piano, Ennio E. (2020). Filling the ranks. European Review of Economic History, forthcoming.

Piano, Ennio E. (2020). Desertion as theft. Journal of Institutional Economics,  16(2), 169-183. .

Piano, Ennio E., and Carson, Trey. (2020). Scalp-taking. Rationality and Society, 32(1), 40–66.

Piano, Ennio E. (2019). State capacity and public choice: A critical survey. Public Choice, 178(1-2), 289-309.

Fuller, Caleb, Lucas, David S., and Piano, Ennio E. (2018). Rooking the state. International Review of Law and Economics, 55, 12-20.

Piano, Ennio E., and Rouanet, L. (2018). "Economic calculation and the organization of markets." Review of Austrian Economics, forthcoming.

Piano, E. E. (2018). Outlaw and economics: Biker gangs and club goods. Rationality and Society, 30(3), 350-376.

Piano, Ennio E. (2017). Free riders: The economics and organization of outlaw motorcycle gangs. Public Choice, 171, 283–301.

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