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Aseem  Kaul


Personal website

Main research topics :

  • Firm Boundaries and Internal Organization
  • Nonprofits, Cooperatives, and Associations

Representative publications : please login to update it

  • Kaul, A., and Luo, J. ‘An Economic Case for CSR: The Comparative Efficiency of For-Profit Firms in Meeting Consumer Demand for Social Goods’, Strategic Management Journal, forthcoming (available at:
  • Dorobantu, S., Kaul, A., and Zelner B. 2017. ‘Non-Market Strategy Research Through the Lens of New Institutional Economics: An Integrative Review and Future Directions’ Strategic Management Journal 38: 114-140
  • Berry, H. and Kaul, A*. 2015 ‘Global Sourcing and Foreign Knowledge Seeking’, Management Science, 61(5): 1052-1071
  • Kaul, Aseem. 2013. ‘Entrepreneurial Action, Unique Assets, and Appropriation Risk: Firms as Means of Appropriating Profit from Capability Creation’, Organization Science, 24(6): 1765-1781
  • Kaul, Aseem. 2012. ‘Technology and Corporate Scope: Firm and Rival Innovation as Antecedents of Corporate Transactions’, Strategic Management Journal 33: 347-367

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